Logo and Design for T-shirts & Flag for an Insurance Agent



The goal for this project was to create a logo for an insurance agent, inspired by the Spartan world. The logo had to convey the idea of security, reliability, commitment, protection and glory. Together with the logo, I was to provide a proposal for T-shirts and a flag, that would be used at a company event in Las Vegas.



The client's brief was clear and straightforward: his theme was Sparta and the Spartan warriors. His admiration for the strength, toughness and discipline of the Spartan army compelled his desire to convey the same values in his practice as an insurance agent. He provided me with some inspirational images selected from the Internet, of which the collage represents a good extract. In addition to the iconographic material provided by the client, I executed my personal research, also making sure we weren't plagiarizing any other financial or insurance company.

Shield Financial Collage 2.png

The theme of shields and warriors is pretty common in the insurance and financial planning space, so I went through the different inspirations to design something powerful, straightforward and impactful. I played with the helmet openings becoming an H, as requested by the client, exploring smoother and sharper edges. A certain degree of freedom was left on the colors, ranging form a dark blue background with golden/yellow/orange logo or a dark red/maroon background.

Shield financial logo trials-01.png
Shield financial logo trials-02.png


The final decision on the logo went for a helmet inside a shield with a spear coming out. In this way it felt stronger, more powerful and reliable. The final decision on color revolved on the dark red background with a dark yellow/golden text and logo. A black and white version was provided as well, for corporate communication.

Shield Financial logo 3-01.png

A proposal for T-shirt design for both men and women was designed, as well as one for a 4' by 6' flag, to be used during a company event in Las Vegas. The production of  the flag was executed under my guidance by a local company.

flag and people-04.png