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I am an Interaction and User Experience Designer with a passion for Wearable Technology.

Italian born half American, I obtained my BA in Exhibition Design in Florence, Italy, and my MSc in Design for Interaction at TU Delft, The Netherlands.

After my studies, I moved to San Diego as a founding member of design and innovation consultancy Round Feather, where I grew the Digital and Service Design business, fostering Happiness through Design.

I subsequently specialized in Wearable Technology and Smart Garments through work at CU Boulder and the course Fabricademy. I now work as a UX designer on different types of mediums, from traditional web display to smart garments.


In my creative practice, I leverage my passion for people's stories to investigate their deep emotional tensions when interacting with products, services and environments, using cultural and emotional relevance to design meaningful experiences.

My work combines DESIGN THINKING & DOING, using digital fabrication, physical computing and immersive technologies to EMBODY human interactions that empower people.


My goal as an artist and designer is to craft meaningful experiences that empower people to achieve their goals and live a thriving life.

My vision stems from the belief that technology is meant to be an extension of our human body-mind-soul ecosystems, and not the other way around. In my experience as an Interaction and UX Designer working on current digital experiences, too often people come at the bottom of the value pyramid: first comes profit, then comes the next shiny object, designed with ego in mind and not with empathy, then comes the complex set of needs, expectations and quarrels from the middlemen, and at the end the user.

If we want to make the world a better and more thriving place for companies, institutions, governments, and the people that make them, we as designers, developers, project managers, researchers, business analysts, procurement people, have to coordinate our efforts and LEARN HOW TO REALLY UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.

WE ARE NOTHING BUT COMPONENTS OF A COMPLEX SET OF ECOSYSTEMS. We are designing the future, and it should work better than the past.

I am interested in all the different opportunities for novel interactions and behaviors that are opening up with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Smart Textiles and Wearable Technology, so that we can create products, services, ecosystems that AUGMENT our ability to communicate more EFFECTIVELY WITH OURSELVES & EACH OTHER thanks to an EMPATHY-DRIVEN APPROACH to the design of our human landscape.

At the same time, in an increasingly tech-oriented and globalized society, I am very keen bringing to the forefront the value of traditional crafts and techniques utilized by different cultures around the world, with their rich meaning and uniqueness, in order to re-colonize our style and empower local communities in bringing their heritage and skills to the forefront of innovation. In revitalizing our connection to the past, my belief is that we can build a better future.