Laser cut earrings, Illustrations, Sculpture and more

A few months ago I took up figurative sculpture for the first time of my life. Despite being an avide drawer of the human face, I had never attempted making a sculpture of a bust. My first assignment was to make my own self portrait. Albeit it being very serious indeed, I am very pleased with this first piece :)

Scuplture web.jpeg

I made this poster for a project I ran in 2018 called Ignite your authentic Beauty. I ran the project both on social media and in person by producing videos and writing about body positivity, encouraging women to reclaim their authentic beauty and learn how to love their bodies. This poster was meant as a playful way to inspire women to embody their joy.


Over the last few years I’ve been creating a lot of different earrings using vector based design on Illustrator and laser cutting. These are some examples of the earrings I have made and gifted to friends and family.

Orecchino gatto web.jpeg
W3_earrings 2.jpg