Creating a Brochure for the Smart Fashion Event in Merida, Yucatán



The goal for this project was to create a brochure to be used as a teaser look book to attract the attention of potential hosting locations and guests for a Smart Fashion show that was going to be held in Mérida, Yucatán from Fablab Yucatán, where I was a student for a few months. The main idea behind it was to provide a conceptual overview of the fashion show theme and visual inspiration without  giving away the actual content of the show itself. The brochure was going to be sent via email as well printed and delivered in person to the receivers.



The realization process for the brochure began with the Brief of the event Espacio Háptico, which involved choosing a theme for the show and a name that would highlight the multisensory aspect of the event. The theme was chosen after a trend research in the fashion & fashiontech innovation, which lead to the choice of working with a multisensory, textured look and feel.

After the choice fell on Espacio Háptico / Haptic Space, a mood board was created by on the of the team members, to give a visual inspiration for the show. From that moodboard, the concept for the brochure was created by me, using the constraints of using half US letter size that would be folded in half. 

The photos in the brochure were all created by our team during previous fashion shows and photoshoots between 2017 and 2018.

Brochure render 1 small.jpeg
Brochure render 2 small.jpeg
Brochure render 3 small.jpeg


The final result was created for digital, like the one you can find below, and for print, which needs to be arranged differently to be folded and viewed like a 4 page booklet. The booklets were printed on thick US letter size paper, matte finishing to avoid excessive glare.

Brochure Espacio Haptico 1.jpg